Ra Broaddus knows that running your business can be tougher than surviving at sea in a lifeboat -- he's done both.

With an accounting/finance degree from the University of South Carolina, Ra served his military obligation as a Naval Officer in the Vietnam War.  For the next ten years he traveled the world as a Merchant Marine Officer.  When his 90,000-ton tanker blew up in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with the loss of nine lives, he was rescued after surviving at sea in a lifeboat.

Ra began his business career as a Turnaround Manager in 1983.  He incorporated his business nine years later, changing its focus from turnaround to CEO advisory work.  He currently serves as business advisor to thirty companies -- coaching CEOs and senior teams, and leading seminars and corporate retreats.

Ra lives in Roswell with his wife Jane and their children, Ryan, Sean and Jillian.  He stays active in sports, and volunteers as a speaker for community functions and public address announcer for football games.

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